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Protecting Your Legacy. Planning For The Future.

Your family’s future is in your hands. Make the most of it by establishing a comprehensive estate plan. You have worked hard to build a legacy worth protecting. Through careful planning and thoughtful giving, you can ensure that your own future is secure, as well as that of the next generation.

At J.M. Discenza Law, LLC, I serve clients in Boston and throughout the metro west area. I am estate planning and probate attorney John M. Discenza. I have 40 years of legal experience and a Master of Law degree in estate planning and estate taxation law. My depth of knowledge and firm understanding of the law allows me to comprehend all aspects of my client’s estate and efficiently draft necessary documents.

The Foundation Of An Estate Plan

A comprehensive plan requires a firm foundation that goes beyond a will. You are not just planning for after you die, but also for gifting strategies while you are alive and situations where you may need assistance when you can no longer express your wishes. Common documents include:

  • Will – This document states how you would like your probate assets distributed and can also name your estate administrator, known as a personal representative, and a guardian for any minor children.
  • Trusts – Trusts come in many forms and can accomplish many goals without having to go through probate. Whether you want to pass wealth to family, benefit a favorite charity or care for a disabled loved one, you may want to look into trusts.
  • Durable power of attorney and health care proxy – These documents name trusted individuals to act on your behalf when you cannot express your wishes.
  • Living will – This form expresses your preferences regarding heroic health care measures when you are not competent to do so.

I will also review with you any beneficiary designation forms, real estate titles, investments and holding, gifting plans and IRA minimum distributions to make sure all of your assets are titled properly.

Do You Have A Complex Estate?

Many people think they only need a “simple will” or have an easy estate plan because they just want to leave everything to their children equally. Your wishes are often not what makes a plan simple or complex, though they can contribute. Rather, your assets often dictate what type of planning you must do to meet your goals. You may need advanced planning if you have:

  • Large assets, such as investment accounts
  • Multiple properties
  • An interest in or own a business
  • An estate with a total value of over $2 million
  • Any type of trust, whether as trustor or beneficiary

Though I represent clients of various backgrounds and needs at J.M. Discenza Law, LLC, many clients seek me out for my experience with complex and high net worth estates. My Master of Law degree in this area serves my clients who need to consider saving on estate taxes, management of wealth for future generations or business succession planning.

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